Working with UN partners

Objective 10

Deepen and strengthen our relationship with UN partners

The PRI is an investor initiative in partnership with the UNEP Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) and the UN Global Compact.

Driving forward a new global agenda

As laid out in our Blueprint for responsible investment, we will align our work with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The SDGs require signatories to move from a process-based approach of material ESG integration towards an outcomes-based approach that, while achieving market-rate return on investment, explicitly aims to contribute to the sustainability challenges put forward by the SDGs. 

The public sector cannot fulfil the SDGs alone. PRI signatories – who represent one third of global private capital – will be a critical part of the private sector’s contribution.

This year we set up an SDG advisory committee and developed an SDG work programme to formalise our commitment to the goals and guide our work on them. As part of the plan we will:

  • promote investor collaboration on the SDGs;
  • provide guidance on how to integrate the SDGs in investment strategies, policies and decisions;
  • develop our SFS programme.

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Collaborating to further climate action

We worked with our UN partners at COP22 to represent the investor voice in relation to climate change. We:

  • supported the launch of a UN Global Compact platform to mobilise business action to support The Paris Agreement.
  • co-organised an event in collaboration with IIGCC, Ceres, UNEP FI, Carbon Tracker Initiative, IGCC and AIGCC about managing climate risk and seizing low-carbon opportunities.               

We also worked with UN Global Compact on signatory roundtables in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo on the impact of collaborative engagement on water. In addition to this, UNEPFI and the UN Global Compact have supported the Montreal Carbon Pledge and the energy transition more broadly through ongoing investor engagement and we worked with UN Global Compact on signatory roundtables in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo on the impact of collaborative engagement on water.

We also coordinated a letter with nearly 400 investors representing more than US$22 trillion in assets to the G7 and G20 heads of state urging governments to stand by their commitment to the Paris Agreement.

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Fiduciary duty

We worked with UNEP FI and the Generation Foundation on our Fiduciary Duty in the 21st Century project. Some institutional investors believe that ESG issues are not relevant to portfolio value - but this assumption is no longer supported. We worked collaboratively to mobilise investors to uphold the full remit of fiduciary duty and take account of material sustainability factors in investment practices.

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Championing gender equality

The Sustainable Stock Exchanges initiative, in partnership with Emerging Market Sustainability Dialogues of GIZ released the report, How can stock exchanges advance gender equality? It frames the state of gender equality globally and provides case studies across exchanges in 13 markets. It found that exchanges are advancing gender equality through incentives such as listing requirements, voluntary guidance documents, investment products and internal policies.

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Regulating gender equality across listed companies

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange supports the advancement of gender equality through awareness-raising programmes and financial education for women and girls.

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High-level diversity disclosure

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange SRI Index includes indicators around disclosure of diversity at board and staff level.

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Mobilising a multi-trillion-dollar industry

Along with UN Global Compact, we issued a call to action to CEOs, urging them to ensure their corporate pension plans – an untapped sustainability area – are mirroring their own company’s sustainability agenda. In Aligning values: why corporate pension plans should mirror their sponsors, we highlighted concrete benefits of doing so, including boosting corporate sponsor credibility and potential enhanced returns.

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