Engaging decision-makers

Objective 3

Engage and facilitate dialogue with key decision-makers

We provide tools and insight to international standard setters, signatories and policy makers to advance progress towards a regulatory and investment environment consistent with the six Principles.

Creating a sustainable financial system

To realise our Mission, as well as our goals in the Blueprint, we launched our Sustainable Financial System programme. It was established to better align the financial system with sustainable and equitable economies. It will focus on an enabling environment for a sustainable system, something we aim to achieve through addressing nine key risks and challenges we believe could undermine a sustainable financial system.



We were appointed by the European Commission to serve as an international observer on its newly-founded High-Level Expert Group. This ambitious project made up of 20 policy leaders from civil society, finance and academia will provide recommendations about how to fully integrate sustainability into EU capital markets.


Sending a clear signal on fiduciary duty

Signatories responding to Reporting Framework indicating engagement with policy makers

Signatories responding to Reporting Framework indicating engagement with policy makers

Our flagship report Fiduciary duty in the 21st century found that failing to consider long-term investment drivers, including ESG factors, is a failure of fiduciary duty. Despite significant progress, many investors have yet to fully integrate ESG issues into their investment decision-making processes. To tackle this, we worked on numerous projects:


We published roadmaps with country-specific recommendations for implementing clear and accountable policy that embraces fiduciary duty. Extensive consultation fed into recommendations for the UK, the US, Brazil, Japan, South Africa, Canada and Australia.

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122 investors signed our Statement on investor obligations and duties. It calls on international policymakers and national governments to clarify the obligations and duties of investors and other organisations in the investment system.

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We analysed the barriers to ESG integration in Singapore, South Korea, India, China, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Investor obligations and duties in six Asian markets was based on a review of investment practice in each country, current regulation and over 50 interviews with policy makers, investors and stakeholders.



Advancing the green agenda

Activities signatories report they undertake to combat climate change

Activities signatories report they undertake to combat climate change

Tools signatories report they use to combat climate change

Tools signatories report they use to combat climate change
  • We contributed to the new G20 Green Finance Study Group as a knowledge partner on institutional investors, alongside UNEP FI. We called on institutional investors across the G20 to feed into the PRI study by telling us the top three to five barriers institutional investors across the G20 face when it comes to scaling up green investments. 
  • The G20 went on to recommend that to help tackle systemic financial issues globally, the PRI should expand.
  • The FSB Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures incorporated the PRI’s proposals on investor obligations on climate change into its draft recommendations.
  • We released Green equity investing at COP22. It includes 10 case studies of investors integrating green risks and opportunities.


Assessing the revenue impacts of the SDGs

Alliance Trust Investments examine how revenue can be driven by SDG themes.

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Developing low-carbon indexes

MSCI created indexes to help institutional investors decarbonise their portfolios.


Feeding into policy consultations

We contributed to 21 policy consultations - up from 11 last year - against a KPI target of 20

The PRI operates a very active policy engagement hub for responsible investment-related regulation in 12 countries and three international institutions. We commented on consultations related to carbon portfolio reporting in France, as well as corporate governance codes in Brazil.

We are currently seeking policy progress on:

  • clarification of fiduciary duty;
  • ESG disclosure by corporations;
  • stock exchange ESG reporting and sustainable investment product listing guidelines;
  • alignment of financial and sustainability policy frameworks;
  • climate-related disclosures;
  • green finance market guidelines;
  • corporate governance and stewardship frameworks.