Developing human capital

Objective 12

Attract, retain and develop the required human capital

Putting people at our core.

Championing our most important asset

The PRI has undergone sustained growth over the past ten years. We now have over 90 members of staff (15% of which are located outside our London base) supporting a global and rapidly-expanding signatory base. This growth is expected to accelerate in the coming years.

Our last employee engagement survey in 2015 reported a 75% engagement rate. As our staff are our most important asset, we want to build on this and ensure that they are effectively supported – now and for the next decade.

As we look to the PRI’s next ten years, we need to guarantee we are set up to promote systemic change and champion our expanding employee base as best we can. To do this, we have taken a more structured approach to HR.

We recruited our first ever Director of People and Culture. This role was created to construct and implement the PRI’s HR strategy, as well as manage HR practices across all our offices, ensuring all staff are united by one vision. This marked an important step in our evolution as we start to formalise our HR practices with a more defined framework.

As well as our first Director of People and Culture, we also hired our first Chief Operating Officer (COO). The COO will coordinate projects across the organisation, helping to prioritise objectives and making sure our staff across the globe work under one strategy. With this more streamlined approach and a stronger director group, we will be more responsive to our signatories’ needs, now and in the future.

Our staff are our most important asset. We want to ensure they are effectively supported – now and for the next decade.

A people-first culture

Our mission-driven culture means that our staff are motivated, passionate and committed to responsible investment.

Maintaining this culture will be crucial as we grow and become more geographically dispersed. To ensure this we:

  • Invested in the training and development of our staff.
  • Set up a staff committee to provide input on issues that affect employee satisfaction. This will help to ensure the staff voice is appropriately represented and avoid a top-down approach.
  • In March 2017, we formalised our commitment to human rights when the PRI Board signed off our first Human Rights Policy. To ensure that we honour our commitment to human rights, we will align our work with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and other international human rights instruments.

This positive working culture has meant employee turnover has stayed under our target of 15% at 14.3%. The average turnover for organisations with under 250 employees for the same period was 16.1%. To make sure we are more aware of how our employees feel about the PRI and to keep turnover low, we will run the Employee Engagement Survey every year, instead of every two years.

Our values:







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We’re dedicated to leading by example on the ESG front. For example:

  • the PRI’s London base is ISO-certified;
  • we are accredited as a Living Wage Employer and are against unpaid internships;
  • we held staff events for Mental Health Awareness Day in the UK and International Women’s Day;
  • our staff is exactly 50% male and 50% female, meeting our KPI target;
  • the PRI Board is made up of 55% elected women;
  • we are committed to ensuring diversity of opinion and experience across our staff members. In 2015/16, three quarters of PRI staff were under the age of 40. We have improved on that figure this year, with 3% fewer staff members between 20-29 and 8% more between 30-39.