Collaborating with key stakeholders

Objective 9

Collaborate with key stakeholders to further our mission

We collaborate with stakeholders throughout finance, sustainability and responsible investment to align strategies and activities.

Among other projects, this year we have:

Represented the investor voice at COP22

We emphasised the importance of investor action to tackle climate change in Marrakech at COP22. To do this, we:

  • co-organised an event in collaboration with IIGCC, Ceres, UNEP FI, Carbon Tracker Initiative, IGCC and AIGCC about managing climate risk and seizing low-carbon opportunities;
  • formally announced a deforestation partnership with Ceres;
  • supported the launch of a UN Global Compact platform to mobilise business action to support The Paris Agreement.

Highlighted policy action to promote sustainable finance

With MSCI, we released the Global guide to responsible investment regulation. It analysed almost 300 pieces of regulation covering pension fund rules, stewardship codes and corporate disclosure rules and found a strong correlation between responsible investment regulation and better ESG risk management by companies.

“This report raises important questions about the role and impact of policy action to promote sustainable finance […] it’s clear that policymakers and regulators worldwide can send stronger signals to the finance industry about the importance of ESG issues.”

Frank Elderson, Executive Director, Pension Fund Supervision, De Nederlandsche Bank

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TacklING the rise of deforestation

With Ceres, we launched a joint initiative, funded by the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation, through which investors will engage with companies that purchase or produce cattle and soy products, which are contributing to the rise in deforestation in Latin America. We also set up a deforestation advisory committee and working group.

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Advanced responsible investment practices

We worked with the OECD during the development of their paper on Responsible Business Conduct for Institutional Investors, which highlights recommendations for investor due diligence in relation to the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

Following the release of the paper, the PRI, with Aviva, is supporting a collaborative engagement with companies where instances of severe social and environmental impacts have been brought to OECD National Contact Points.

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Collaborated with our two UN partners

Some of our biggest projects involving key PRI stakeholders also involve the work of our two UN partners, UNEP Finance Initiative and UN Global Compact.

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