Signatory General Meeting 2016


Tuesday 6 September 2016, 14:00-15:40
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

14:00 - 14:15
Welcome and Message from the Chair
Martin Skancke, Chair, PRI Board

14:15 - 14:45
Consultation Recommendations, Q&A
Fiona Reynolds, Managing Director, PRI

14:45 - 15:15
Management & Financial Report, Q&A 
Fiona Reynolds, Managing Director, PRI

15:15 - 15:40
2016 Board Director Elections
Martin Skancke, Chair, PRI Board

Live streaming

The SGM will be screened live online for signatories that cannot attend in person. Please click here to sign up.

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The PRI wants to encourage an active dialogue between signatories and the Board. The SGM, the annual general meeting of signatories, is an important forum for communication between the Board and signatories. The Board encourages signatory participation, either in person or via webcast. The SGM is an opportunity for the Board to report to signatories on the PRI’s strategy and its implementation, the work undertaken by the Board and its committees, forthcoming Board elections, formal consultations and any other business.

On 7 June 2016, the PRI asked signatories to submit agenda items and resolutions to be put to the SGM. None were received by the deadline of 6 July. However, time has been set aside for signatories to ask questions during General Business. If you have detailed financial or legal questions, please submit these in advance of the meeting.

The SGM will be screened live online for signatories that cannot attend in person. Please click here to sign up.

For more information on how to participate online and to submit questions in advance, contact

As a signatory-based organisation, the PRI encourages all signatories to participate actively in its governance and strategic direction, and provide feedback on strategically important matters via formal consultations.

PRI Formal Consultations

(APRIL 2015-MARCH 2016)

PRI Board meeting/call reports

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2015 Signatory General Meeting

SGM Report: PRI Chair Martin Skancke outlines priorities for 2016

2015 Signatory General Meeting minutes

The 2015 minutes will be up for signatory approval in October 2016, alongside voting for the 2016 Board election. Minutes are approved by a simple majority (of respondents) through an electronic poll.


The past year has been an opportunity to build on the strong foundation built through necessary but introspective work on PRI’s governance, by moving onto more expansive, strategic and outward-looking issues. As the PRI has approached its ten year anniversary the Board has reflected on the PRI’s impact to date, and our strategic ambitions for the next ten years.

The Board report details the discussions of the Board and its committees over the past year. These have included grappling with issues such as how the PRI can: recognise diversity across the signatory base, encourage more in-depth ESG integration, support signatories in their local markets and demonstrate real-world signatory impact aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.

We began 2015/16 in a strong place. April 2015 heralded a fresh start for the PRI: we had delivered a reformed governance structure to improve accountability to signatories, a new strategic plan for 2015-18 and a revised funding model. All of these commitments were delivered after extensive signatory consultations to reflect the needs of the responsible investment community we represent.

Over the past year, the Board has put the reformed governance structure into practice. Board committees have already begun to play an important role as a forum for in-depth discussion and for road-testing proposals before recommendation to the Board. The committees report provides more detail on the work undertaken.

I am pleased that the changes we’ve made have broadened signatories’ understanding of the role of the Board, and increased signatories’ satisfaction with the level of disclosure. The Board will continue to make a concerted effort to communicate effectively with signatories.

We regularly report on the discussions and actions at every Board meeting and there is extensive information on the new website about the PRI’s governance, including the elections. We have sought your feedback on the strategic direction of the PRI, via the Strengthening Accountability, Recognising Diversity and Sustainable Financial System, Principles, Impact formal consultations. The PRI’s future impact will not be possible without the strength, ambition and support of its signatories.

We welcomed three new directors to the Board this year: Angela Emslie (Hesta Superfund), Sandra Carlisle (Newton Investment Management) and Xander den Uyl (ABP). I would like to thank them for their contributions so far, the Board directors that departed in December 2015 – Masaru Arai (Japan Sustainable Investment Forum), David Atkin (Cbus) and Eric Wetlaufer (Canada Pension Plan Investment Board) – for their dedicated work throughout their terms, and the rest of the Board for their ongoing commitment to overseeing the activities of your PRI.

Martin Skancke


Signatories that understand the role of the PRI Board:

2016: 61%
2014: 30%

Signatories that think the PRI provides an appropriate level of disclosure relating to PRI Board governance:

2016: 62%
2014: 49%

Source: 2016 Signatory Survery


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