Advisory Committees and Working Groups

Advisory committees guide the work of the PRI and help to implement our work programmes.

Advisory committees made up of representatives from signatories play an important role in the PRI’s many work streams. The PRI aims to deliver practical, action-oriented research, tools, events and support to signatories around the world, no matter where they are located or what their level of responsible investment knowledge is, and signatories that are committed to implementing the Principles are one of the greatest strengths the PRI has to draw on in delivering these.

Advisory committees, and project-specific working groups, are opportunities for signatories to engage with their peers, to share updates on key research, develop strategies, share best practices and advance ESG issues and the implementation of the Principles.

The PRI currently has the following advisory committees. See the PRI website for a list of the individuals and organisation contributing to each.

ESG Engagements

  • ESG Engagements Advisory Committee

Investment Practices

  • Asset Owner Insight Advisory Committee
    • Investment Strategies Working Group
    • Manager Selection Working Group
  • Environmental and Social Themed Investing Advisory Committee
  • Fixed Income Advisory Committee
    • Fixed Income Outreach Sub-Committee
    • Fixed Income Engagement Working Group
  • Hedge Funds Advisory Committee
  • Listed Equity Advisory Committee
    • Listed Equity Integration Sub-Committee
    • Listed Equity Outreach Sub-Committee
  • Private Equity Advisory Committee


  • Australia Network Advisory Committee
  • Brazil Engagement Working Group
  • Brazil Integration Working Group
  • Brazil Investment Policy Working Group
  • Japan Network Advisory Committee
  • Japan Network Awareness-raising Working Group
  • Japan Network Corporate Working Group
  • Japan Network Private Equity Working Group
  • Japan Network Property Working Group
  • Quebec Network Advisory Committee
  • Southern Africa Advisory Committee
  • Southern Africa Engagement Working Group

Reporting and Assessment

  • Reporting and Assessment Advisory Committee

Research and Policy

  • Academic Research Advisory Committee
  • Policy Advisory Committee
  • Sustainable Financial System Advisory Group