Enhancing infrastructure

Objective 11

Enhance capacity for transparency and collaboration through PRI infrastructure

Find the publications, engagements and events that matter to you

We launched our new digital home, combining our public website and our signatory-only portal into a single comprehensive offering that will allow us to roll out enhanced features and functionality to all our users in the time ahead.

These include:

  • the ‘Explore’ page, an expansive search function to help you find the publications, collaborative engagements and events you are looking for;
  • a fully integrated Collaboration Platform (previously Clearinghouse);
  • personalisation features, tailoring the homepage and Collaboration Platform content to the asset classes, regions and topics that are important to you;
  • the ability for Collaboration Platform users to update their own posts, ask for information from those wishing to join an initiative and options for posters to see which types of signatories can see each initiative.

It also boasts a fresh new design that looks great on all sizes of device.

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